[CC bakes]: S’mores cupcakes

Let’s play with some fire! Ok…that’s a bit crazy. No, I’m not a pyromaniac…but I LOVE using my brulee torch! haha. My boyfriend JS bought it for me as a random surprise gift and I’ve been looking for recipes where I can use this…which brings me to,

S’mores cupcakes!

 S’mores cupcakes. If you think these look yum, you should see Xiaolu’s! It will have you trying to bite the picture! 

I used Xiaolu’s recipe and it turned out great! The cupcake was really soft and moist, but very sweet. I might reduce the amount of sugar more if I make these again.

I’ll actually be submitting this post to the Aspiring Bakers #13: Enjoy Cupcakes! hosted by Min of Min’s blog.

Since I’m a huge fan of food blogs, I always see the Daring Bakes, Daring Cooks, etc challenges and I am so amazed at what bloggers come up with, and their skill too! A lot of them post things that look professionally made! So since I started a blog, I thought maybe I’ll have a go too. This month’s cupcake theme for Aspiring Bakers was a good opportunity for me to make these S’mores cupcakes because I very rarely make cupcakes, and even when I do, I usually make my lemon curd ones.

So, thank you to Aspiring Bakers, and Min of Min’s blog for giving me this opportunity to make these cupcakes and take part in this month’s theme =)

Thanks for reading! ^^


2 thoughts on “[CC bakes]: S’mores cupcakes

  1. Thanks so much for trying these and I'm glad you liked them :). Sorry you found it too sweet. You can probably just reduce the sugar in the cupcake by 1/4 cup. I'm actually not a fan of supersweet stuff either but have never found these overwhelmingly sugary. I assume you must hate American powdered sugar buttercream then 8). Happy early Thanksgiving!


  2. Thanks for your comment, Xiaolu! I think it was mainly the marshmallow topping that put me in a sugar coma! haha. I've never actually tried American powdered sugar buttercream before! I very rarely make buttercream because my family aren't huge fans. Looking forward to your next post!


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