[CC cooks]: time for some steamed goods!

My nan usually makes all sorts of baos when she stays at home and doesn’t have much to do, but since she was on her 4-month long holiday, I hadn’t had her bao (or any for that matter) for soooooo long! It wasn’t long before I was craving it…as usual, since I seem to have a never-ending list of cravings.

Anyway! So I had a pack of enoki mushrooms in the fridge that needed to be eaten, and what better way to eat them than make bao! Satisfy my craving, and practice my bao-making skills while I’m at it =)

Thankfully, they were a complete success and I didn’t waste any flour, or precious mushrooms (mushrooms have a special place in my heart =P haha).

 fresh out of the steamer!

I don’t think I made the pleats deep enough this time so when they were steamed, some of them (most of them actually) look a bit demented! haha. 

the innards…
The filling was enoki mushrooms, golden mushrooms, black fungus, and dried beancurd. This is one of my favourite bao and I’m so glad I can make it myself successfully =) 
There were 2 tradesmen doing some work in our house and since it was around lunchtime, I gave them one piping hot bao each. Not sure if they actually liked it, but they ate it…so I’m guessing they did? haha. Of course, they could’ve have been thinking ‘what the hell is this?’ while chewing…
Since I was using the steamer already, I decided to make some ang koo kuih too. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all sorts of kuih! I tried making the 9-layered kuih a couple of years back, but it turned out quite hard…nothing like the soft chewy ones I’ve had where you can peel each layer off. But anyway, I really wanted to try make ang ku kuih because (A) I like them, (B) they have a really nice pattern, (C) I had some sweet potato to use, (D) I like them =P 
I used Sonia’s recipe and made some minor changes – I used orange sweet potato instead, and cut down on the sugar, and had a 25g to 30g ratio of filling:dough because I don’t like the dough to be too thick. 
 Before steaming…because it was my first time making these, I was surprised by the look of the dough before they were cooked.It’s like a pastel colour!

After steaming…the patterns are still visible! 
Ang koo kuih is usually red in colour (hence, ‘ang’ = red) but I’m not a huge fan of using food colouring where it isn’t absolutely necessary so I didn’t bother adding any and instead stayed with the natural orange colour of the sweet potatoes.
The kuih was really good…the dough had the perfect chewiness. I had to add a bit more water because I felt it was a bit too crumbly when wrapping the filling. The filling however, was a bit dry. Maybe next time I will try add some water to the filling? I know some recipes call for oil but sometimes I find the kuih a bit too oily so I don’t want to add too much. 
I’ll try these again one day for sure! 
Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great weekend, everyone!!

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