[CC cooks]: homemade soybean milk

This is a pretty belated post…I kiiiiind of forgot about the photos and left them on my camera. oops!

Anyway! I made soybean milk a few weeks ago. I was really craving my HK-style breakfasts of soybean milk and ‘bo lo bau’ (pineapple bun), or soybean milk with sticky rice or whatever…so yeah, I made some =)

I make this by hand…as in, with a blender and cheesecloth, and some serious squeezing! haha. I used to be the one who squeezes the cheesecloth to strain the milk, while my nan or my mum blends the beans. BUT this is the first time I’ve made it on my own…completely on my own! There was a lot of estimating regarding the amount of water…but it was a success!

I love homemade soybean milk because then I can adjust the sweetness to my liking. I always find store-bought ones waaaaaay too sweet, and the soybean taste isn’t as strong as homemade ones. 

Sweet soybean milk. I used to trick my brother GC that it was cow’s milk…but he was too smart and could tell the difference (before he tasted it!). How? because of the bubbles.
I made sweet soybean milk…and left some unsweetened to make salty soybean because that was also what I was craving! hehe.  
salty soybean…soup?
The salty one doesn’t look very appetising does it? But trust me, it’s SO GOOD! Has anyone tried this before? There’s preserved vegetables, vinegar, light soy sauce, and spring onions in it. We usually put tiny dried shrimp but unfortunately we didn’t have any =( But it still tasted reeaaaaaaaaally good! It’s so easy to make as well…just put all the ingredients (minus the soybean milk) in a bowl, boil the soybean milk and pour it in. The vinegar will cause the soybean milk to ‘curdle’ so you have lumps of soybean that are similar in texture to crumbled tofu.
Soybean milk-making adventure = success! =) 
Next time I’m going to try make my own tofu…can’t wait!
Thanks for reading!^^

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