[Eating out]: Wild fig cafe – Scarborough

Woah! It’s Monday AGAIN! Weekends always pass by so quickly!

In last Monday’s post, I mentioned I had a scrumptious breakfast on the weekend with my brother GC. Where did we go? Wild Fig Cafe in Scarborough.

There was a little mishap – they used to be in Waterman along West Coast Hwy but they moved and we didn’t know so we were shocked when we drove to the usual place! But worry not, because we have google! haha. So we quickly googled them and thank goodness they MOVED and not actually closed down!!

New location! It’s a lot bigger and the decor is just awesome (they have a light fixture made of baking supplies such as whisks, etc. Alas, I forgot to take a photo =( next time…)

We are huge fans of the breakfast here – the food is always so fresh and they have pretty interesting breakfast items…oh and their bread is really good! Shall we see what we ate?

GC was craving juice so we ordered the Pink Panther which is watermelon, strawberry, and grapefruit. It was really good and you could tell the watermelon was fresh and sweeeeeet! YUM!

 Pink panther juice

GC ordered the Eggs on Fire – he’s been craving this for ages! You get potato cake, avocado, jalapenos, eggs, corn sour cream, salsa, bacon, and fresh baby spinach. It’s extremely filling and he said it was really nice. I took his jalapenos though…hehe. Despite its name, nothing is that spicy.

Eggs on fire

I got the Nudie Vegan which had roasted pumpkin, roasted mushrooms, tomatoes, fresh baby spinach, asparagus, a whole lot of beans and two slices of pumpkin seed loaf. This was SO filling for me, especially because of the beans!! The toast was really nice though…had a chewy crust which I love (btw, I’m not actually vegan or anything…I just felt like the vegetables on this plate and I’ve never ordered it before. yummy). The pumpkin was so sweet and caramelised…I would definitely order this again!

 Nudie Vegan…see all those beans? There were HEAPS! But they were soooooo good! The mushroom and spinach is buried under all that. YUM! 
It was such a lovely day for breakfast by the beach. We sat outside but unfortunately the sun shades are TOO good, and we didn’t get much sun…which made it a bit cold. haha. But it was great to just sit there eating good food, having great conversation with GC =) 
This was the view from our table…
I wonder when the next trip to Wild Fig will be? Maybe after GC’s exams…hehe. Highly recommend this place! Supposedly their coffee is good, but I don’t drink coffee so no comment on this. They’re also open for lunch and dinner, with themes on certain nights.
Thanks for reading! ^^ If you go to this place, happy eating! =D
Wild Fig Cafe

Cnr Brighton Rd & The Esplanade,
(08) 9245 5222 **Bookings for breakfast on the weekends are recommended for large groups, otherwise you have to wait or may not even get a table**


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