[CC cooks]: Simple dinner for two

My parents went to a birthday gathering a couple of weeks ago, which left just me and my brother GC at home for dinner. So, what did we have? Something simple and easy to make…

 …cold soba =)

We really like eating cold soba…actually, I just love noodles in general, and GC loves Japanese food. But anyway, we usually mix our soba with some spring onion, nori, cucumber and wasabi then dip it into the tsuyu. I never have soba tsuyu so I just mix my own…it tastes good so no need to buy bottled one.

I also had some Japanese tofu in the fridge so I made a steamed egg with the tofu (inspired by this), and added some spring onion.

 Steamed egg with hidden Japanese tofu

Add some soy sauce and sesame oil…and EAT! Can you see that missing chunk in the bottom of the dish? My mum ate some before I took the photo =.=’ She was too hungry before leaving for the party..haha.

Everything turned out really nice and GC enjoyed the dinner, which is good because there’s a lot of foods he doesn’t eat!

This is a really simple dinner to make (healthy too!). It probably only took me about 10-15mins to prepare + cook. So if you’re in a rush or want a simple healthy dinner, this is a good choice! =)

Thanks for reading! ^^


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