[CC cooks]: Sai mai lo (sago w/coconut milk)

It’s Monday again! The beginning of yet another week. Can you believe how quick time is passing? I mean, it’s November already! Next thing I know, I’ll be doing Christmas shopping! Time, can you PLEASE slow down?

Anyway,  how was everyone’s weekends? Did it fly by just like mine? haha…I made some dorayaki with adzuki bean paste which was yummo! And had a scrumptious breakfast with my brother yesterday (will blog about that later). But the best thing was that my Nan came home last night! After 4 months+ holiday…FOUR MONTHS! Man I missed her! She got home at about 11:45pm and I leave at 6:45am for uni so I haven’t had the chance to listen about her adventures but that’s what tonight will be all about!

Anyway! My sister SC finally came home a couple of weeks ago! She works overseas and it was the first time in 3 months I had seen her. She was only back for 1.5 weeks so we tried to eat things that she wanted most since she doesn’t get Chinese food overseas.

One thing she really likes is sai mai lo, or sago with coconut milk. She always asks for this when we have dinner at Chinese restaurants…hehe. I had some pandan leaves so I made some for her. Unfortunately, we didn’t have watermelon or rockmelon so she had to eat it plain (we usually add diced watermelon + rockmelon).

 sai mai lo…so plain and naked without watermelon/rockmelon =(

SC is so funny. She said she had to ‘eat with style’ so she purposely used our old Chinese bowl and spoon!

Oh, and don’t try it with diced strawberries…my brother GC tried it and said it tasted weird. haha!

Thanks for reading! ^^ Hope everyone has a great week ahead of them!


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