tiny lego (aka. nanoblock)

Hi everyone! How was everyone’s weekend? Hope it was a time of fun, laughter and relaxation! We had such great weather here in Perth, nice and sunny all weekend! I got some much-needed cleaning done, made some soybean milk, and spent some quality time with my family =) fun times… 

Anyway, my younger brother got two nanoblock sets for his birthday – a giant panda and a space shuttle. So, the other night, we decided to make the panda. Well…technically, I whinged that he should make it so he let me start it and then joined in later. It was a fun brother-sister time =)

Nanoblock is kind of like tiny lego. TINY! It’s so small that I had to use my fingernails to pick some pieces up and was actually considering getting tweezers =.=’

Look at these instructions – just figures but pretty easy to understand. Reminds me of IKEA.

Anyway, so here’s the finished product! The thing is tiny! No bigger than my palm actually. But it’s so cute, right? haha.

Aaaaaaand, it grew wings!

Flying panda!

The pack came with spare parts so my brother used them to make wings for the panda (so creative, eh!?!). I think it looks pretty cool. haha.

We’ve always played with lego since young so it was fun putting everything together (I still like lego more though). Wonder when we’ll make the space shuttle…maybe I should start whingeing to him again =P haha!

Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great week ahead, everyone!


3 thoughts on “tiny lego (aka. nanoblock)

  1. I'm glad you got the Nano Blocks! They are truly awesome, but you need very nimble fingers! haha. My brother and I recently made one of the Sydney Opera House, which is really cool as well. Show me some pics if possible!


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