[Eating out]: Penang food – Northbridge

I went to Penang Food for dinner with Dad and my younger brother one night. We’ve always passed the restaurant but never gone in so we took the opportunity to go since not everyone in our family is a fan of Malaysian/Singaporean food.

Ever since I went to Singapore to visit my boyfriend, I’ve been obsessed with some (if not all) the food there! Having a local take you around to eat and ‘sight-see’ is definitely the best way to go! There were some things I hadn’t even heard of before…like mee pok, rojak, popiah, mee siam, kway chup, char tau kuih, etc.

 Menu – quite a variety!

I was pretty excited to go since there were things on the menu that you don’t see often. What’s even better is that they have those breakfast sets with soft-boiled eggs and kaya toast too! And everything is so cheap! 

Dad got the curry laksa which was pretty good – it wasn’t spicy enough for my liking but that may just have been because it had quite a bit of coconut in it so it kind of played the spiciness down a bit. There was heaps of ingredients in the bowl – a combo of chicken and seafood, and of course tau pok so soak up the soup! 

 Dad’s curry laksa

My brother got nasi lemak with fried chicken because he hadn’t tried nasi lemak before. It was goooood. The sambal was so yum and he said the fried chicken was really good.

 Brother’s nasi lemak w/fried chicken

I got prawn mee with thin beehoon which was delicious! The soup stock had this intense prawn flavour and it was full of ingredients. I think there were 4 prawns? I can’t really remember. I couldn’t stop drinking the soup – it was so good! 

 My prawn mee with thin beehoon.

The prices are very reasonable for the portion size – I couldn’t finish my bowl and had to give some noodles to Dad to eat. I want to go try their mee siam one day! If you ever have a craving for Malaysian/Singaporean food, you should try this place.
Penang Food

175 William St,
WA 6000
(08) 9328 7119

Thanks for reading!


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