[CC bakes]: Orange Chiffon Cake

I think my first attempt at chiffon cake was a fluke. I baked an orange chiffon cake but it didn’t turn out as good…mainly because it sunk. It wasn’t *too* bad but it definitely didn’t have the light airiness of the pandan chiffon. It tasted good though! 

My sunken orange chiffon =( This was the first one (I forgot to photograph the 2nd before we ate it all).

Maybe I didn’t whip the egg whites enough? I’m not sure…so, I made another one a couple of days later. haha. This time it was better but somehow I didn’t mix the egg whites in enough so on one side, there was a hole at near the top of the cake. But no worries, will try again! I feel sorry for my family who has to eat my bakes! When I can’t get something right, I just try again and again until it turns out good.

Til next time! Thanks for reading! ^_^


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