[CC bakes]: Pandan chiffon cake

I baked my first pandan chiffon cake!!!!! I LOVE all things pandan, especially this cake so I’ve always wanted to try baking it myself. But the thing is, sponge cakes have never (ever) been my forte…they always seem to sink and be really dense so I’ve never had the confidence to bake a chiffon cake.

You can imagine how happy I was when I saw this. It didn’t sink! It came out of the tin nicely! It wasn’t dense! The cake had nice fine crumbs! I was literally jumping up and down in the kitchen!

Pandan chiffon cake (recipe here)

The top of the cake was a little burnt – maybe I need to shorten the baking time, or lower the temperature? I’ll have to experiment with that. I can’t wait to try it again! It was just perfect – the sponge is soft and moist, and just melts in your mouth! YUM!!! I’m so happy with this result! Next time I want to try using pandan juice, instead of pandan extract.

I’ve got a few different chiffon cakes bookmarked so can’t wait to bake more! I’m thinking orange next…

Thanks for reading! ^_^


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