[CC cooks]: Steamboat

Had steamboat with mum, dad, and younger brother one night. It was nice and cold that night so it was perfect for steamboat. These are some of the things we had…not too much variety but it was only 4 of us so we didn’t want to have too much leftovers.

 Fried pig skin (soaked in water beforehand)
 Celery, spinach

 Fresh lotus root, radish, chinese cabbage, spring onion, ginger

 Beancurd sheets (delicious! They soak up the soup/sauce!)

 Mushrooms are a must-have…these are enoki and white oyster)

 More mushrooms…this time golden mushrooms. 

These are also a must-have! They’re so good! Nice and juicy…have to be careful the soup liquid doesn’t burn you when you bite into it. 
 Konnyaku. It’s like tiny konnyaku noodles rolled into a knot. They’re really good and it’s my brother’s favourite. 
 We always have this homemade sesame sauce at steamboat. Along with some spring onion and coriander. 
We didn’t have too much variety but it was still more than enough food for us. Mmm..now I feel like steamboat. ><! haha..
Thanks for reading! ^_^

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