birthday boy…

It was my younger brother’s birthday last month…20th birthday! Where did time go? I still remember when he was just a toddler with chubby cheeks, but now he’s all grown up. A young adult now! How time flies…now he’s taller than me, something which he reminds me of every. single. day =P haha.

We have this family tradition that once we turn 18years old, we treat our family to dinner for our birthdays so that’s what my brother did! We went to Punjab Indian Restaurant in Innaloo for a night of tantalising curries and soft warm naan bread…mmm.

This is what we ordered…there was a lot of food! 

Royal Punjab platter for 2 (fish ameitsari, unjabi hariyali tikka, seekh kebab, vegetable samosa). The sauces in the background are mint chutney (green) and tamarind chutney which went well with everything and the curries.

 Butter chicken

Chicken tikka masala

Fish curry

Fish goan curry (so good!)


 Lamb rogan josh
Prawn malai korma

 Pulao rice (saffron rice)

 Garlic naan (we also got plain and butter)

I don’t know how, but I forgot to take a photo of the beef vindaloo…it was in front of me throughout dinner as well!!! I also forgot to take a photo of the aloo kulcha…oops.

We had everything in the middle, which was the best way for us all to taste a bit of everything.  

Everything was really good! We don’t eat Indian often but all the curries were very flavoursome and full of spice. Here’s my plate with a bit of everything…the lamb rogan josh, fish goan curry and beef vindaloo were my favourite. The lamb and beef were so tender, and the curries were so good…I pretty much drowned my rice with them…then proceeded to just drink the curry. oops. I’m sure I’m not the only who does that…right? =P

My plate =)

All in all, it was a great night…fantastic food and company. Great choice, bro! Hope my brother enjoyed himself (and the presents)!!

It’s a bit pricey (it hails itself as ‘fine Indian food’), but the food was good and the atmosphere is nice too.

Punjab Indian Restaurant
371 Scarborough Beach Road,
(08) 9446 1111

Thanks for reading! ^_^


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