[Eating out]: Zafferano – Nedlands

My boyfriend surprised me with a romantic dinner at Zafferano last Sunday. He wouldn’t tell me where we were going…all he said is that we were having dinner on Sunday at 6:30pm, and to ‘dress nicely’.

So there I was trying to decide what to wear and guessing where we were going to go, while worrying that I would be overdressed. I thought of a lot of places, none of which were right! I never considered Zafferano because I had only mentioned it to him very briefly when we drove past it…all I said was ‘I want to go there to try it one day’, and he remembered =D So sweet, right?

Zafferano is located in the Old Swan Brewery on Mounts Bay Rd, and it overlooks the Swan River. We were lucky enough to get a table by the window so we could look at the night lights throughout our dinner.

 Ciabatta – vine-ripened tomato, fetta, basil

It was our first time going there and it was quite nice. We got a ciabatta entree to share which was pretty nice. The bread had a bit too much oil on it though.

I had the veal medallion which was MASSIVE! Slightly overcooked (except for the bone area), which was unfortunate but the parsnip puree and the jus were so good, it was all ok. I unfortunately couldn’t find a way to clean the bone in a dignified manner (i.e., to not use my hands and gnaw on the bone) though. It would’ve been a bit inappropriate in such a setting!! haha…

Veal medallion – parsnip puree, field mushrooms
My boyfriend got the seafood plate which had seared scallops, prawns, fish, 1/2 scampi and calamari. He really enjoyed the scallops, fish and the scampi which were all fresh and sweet. The prawns were ok…texture was a bit like the import prawns though. The calamari was largely left untouched though =( My poor boyfriend…his favourite is squid and octopus, except the calamari that night wasn’t that good…so he helped me finish my meal =D haha.
Zafferano seafood plate
Though there were some hits + misses, we had a fantastic time! It was really nice to sit there with riverviews talking and eating with the one I love! =D Thanks for a fantastic night!! I really enjoyed myself…can’t wait to eat with you again =) 
Oh, by the way…still water costs $8.50 a bottle. Yes. $8.50. So, we sat there talking while making sure we finished the water…haha! 
The Old Swan Brewery
173 Mounts Bay Road,
(08) 9321 2588
Thanks for reading! ^_^

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