[Eating out]: Jewel in the palace – Northbridge


 (L-R, T-B) Sundubu jigae, nangmyeun, spicy ddeokbokki, dolsot bibimbap. 

With only my Dad, younger brother and myself left at home for dinner last month, it was much easier to eat out than cook for just us 3 (especially because my brother doesn’t eat many things!). So, to Dae Jang Geum we went! 
This will be a fairly short post since I’ve posted about the place before. My dad got the sundubu jigae (egg & tofu stew), my brother got the dolsot bibimbap, I got the nangmyeun (cold noodles) and we got a plate of spicy ddeokbokki (rice cakes) to share…which we started eating before I remembered to take a photo. 
As always, the food was fantastic and these are some of our favourite items from the menu (especially ddeokbokki!). 

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