Snacks galore!

Look, look, look! My mum just returned from Hong Kong with a WHOLE SUITCASE full of yummy snacks!!!

So much! =D 
It’s been a while since any of us have gone back to HK, and whenever Dad goes back, it’s for work so he doesn’t really have time to go to A ji Ichiban (優之良品) and other places to buy these snacks. I didn’t expect my mum to buy so much though! haha. 
Some things are from Japan I think, since Mum went there for a week. 

Lots of seaweed! Wasabi flavour, chilli flavour, plain, noriten (Tempura nori – this is SO GOOD!).

Prawn senbei. I completely forgot about these! We used to always eat them, especially when they came in smaller discs…it was the perfect size to bring to school for recess and/or lunch.

A huge assortment of dried fish, beans, scallops, tako, etc. My favourite is the dried cod fish from 優之良品. The one in the picture is really good too! Dried silverfish coated in honey and chilli. 
Mum also bought a whole lot peeled chestnuts which are a great snack, more dried fish, egg rolls, almond cookies, ginger ‘ding ding’ sweets, and a really nice ginger coated senbei. 
So much food…bye bye diet!…for now. 

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