[CC cooks]: Winter cold means only one thing.

Isn’t the colour of the dish so nice?

Pig trotters and egg boiled in ginger and sweet black vinegar! Apologies for the pot – it isn’t dirty! That’s just splatter from the vinegar as it boils. I cooked this with Dad last month when it was really cold. It’s one of my favourite ways to eat pig trotters.

This dish is commonly cooked for new mothers who have just given birth to restore the balance in their body. Women who have just given birth have ‘cold’ bodies and this dish is ‘warming’ (I can’t think of better english terms to describe it!). I most definitely have not given birth recently, but we just love eating this so we make it in winter. Only in winter though – eating this in summer may result in numerous ulcers in your mouth and perhaps nosebleeds.

I’m not sure about the traditional recipe but we make it at home using old ginger and sweet black vinegar. Additional sugar is used if you want it sweeter, but I like to taste the sourness of the vinegar so I tend not to add too much sugar.

We actually boiled the pig trotters in plain water, then again in the vinegar so they were super-tender in all it’s vinegar-y goodness. SO YUM! And the eggs! Omgoodness, they’re soooooo good! They stayed in the vinegar for quite long and we always boiled the pot in the morning and at night so the eggs ended up shrinking substantially, and the egg white became more chewy. It’s a bit like the tie dan (‘metal egg’) in Taiwan but not to that great extent. Anyway, so the eggs in this pot were like super hard-boiled eggs – the yolk was largely unaffected but the egg white gets really chewy. Dip it into the vinegar with each bite and it was like heaven in my mouth…seriously!

When we finish all the contents, we freeze the remaining vinegar for next time (after I drink some…does anyone else drink the vinegar or is it just me?).

Hope I didn’t gross you out with this post! It’s really delicious! I promise! haha.

Thanks for reading!


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