[CC bakes]: so corny

Fresh out of the oven! 

Hi guys! sorry this entry is kinda late – things have been pretty hectic lately…I’ve been sick with the flu, and trying to do some serious study (though that was a failed plan).

anyway, let’s talk…CORN!

I absolutely love corn! I can eat it cooked any way but the easiest for me is to just microwave a whole corn cob in the morning to take with me to uni. It’s so easy and so delicious! But I do get a few stares when people see me munching on the corn on the train station platform…but meh, I like my corn so it doesn’t matter =P

I had some polenta left over from some cookies I baked (aaaaand I just realised I have yet to post about that ><!), and had some corn kernals left over from some salad so what to do? Make corn muffins! I used this recipe, which sparked my interest because of the little amount of butter and oil. They were really moist…and corny =P

Let’s have another look! haha.YUM!

mmm…can’t wait to eat!

I halved the recipe and got 8 cupcake-sized muffins =) Next time I might add more corn kernels.

Til next time! ^^


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