[Eating out]: Tak chee house – Northbridge

More food! I went to Tak Chee House with my family a couple of weeks ago. I had been meaning to try it ever since I read about it on The Food Pornographer’s blog. Seriously, one look at her saliva-inducing photos of the food and you’ll want to go too!

The sign…above the entrance…if it wasn’t obvious enough =P 
Tak Chee House is a small restaurant on William St that serves Singaporean and Malaysian cuisine (which, in the recent years, I have become slightly obsessive about…just slightly). 
Anyway, so let’s talk about the food now!
Hainan Chicken Rice
Since there were 7 of us, we got a whole steamed Hainan Chicken. Unfortunately, they were out of the roast chicken otherwise we would’ve gotten 1/2 each. Anyway, this is hailed by many as the best chicken rice in town…and it was oh so good! The chicken was served on a bed of blanched bean sprouts which were swimming in the soy-based sauce. It was tender and smooth, even the breast meat. My family found it slightly bland but I thought it was fine since I don’t like things too salty anyway. 
I don’t have a picture of the rice but it was ok. Wasn’t as flavoursome as I expected but not too bad. It was nice mixed with the chilli that came with the chicken. 
Fish maw soup
We also got a serving of fish maw soup…we always drink soup at dinner at home, so thought we’d try this. It was ok. The fish maw was good, but the soup tasted a bit msg-y. I much prefer our homemade soup to this one. 
Curry laksa
My brother ordered a curry laksa. He absolutely loves laksa and orders it everytime if it is on the menu! I didn’t try any because I was so packed with chicken, rice and char kuey teow, but he said it was nice. It looked pretty packed with ingredients too. 
Penang Char Kuey Teow
Ordered a ‘large’ char kuey teow which was fried quite well – full of ‘wok hei’, just the way it should be. There were prawns, cockles, chinese sausage, bean sprout, and egg. The portion size was quite small for a ‘large’ though. 
Roti prata and chicken curry
Mum ordered a roti prata with chicken curry because she just absolutely LOVES roti! Unfortunately, having eaten freshly made (and cheap!) roti prata in Singapore, this prata was just a fail for me. It was obviously the ready-made ones so it wasn’t puffy at all and instead it was pretty gluggy in the middle (due to the lack of puffiness). The curry was amazing though! I loved it…full of spices and they gave quite a lot of chicken and potato which was great. I LOVE curry – one of my favourite foods – so…I ended up drinking the gravy!!! It was slurpilicious! 
We also ordered satay chicken which only came when we finished the other meals, after some prompting. I forgot to take a photo of it though. I was too full so I didn’t eat one but I did eat the cucumber with the peanut sauce and I didn’t like it. The sauce was way too sweet and it wasn’t peanut-y enough for my liking. It was also a bit thin but that’s just because I like my peanut sauce to be chunky. The cucumber was a nice touch, since it’s usually served this way in Singapore, but we only got a few thin slices. Would’ve been better if it was more chunks, and maybe some onion too? 
Overall it was a nice dinner…I came here for the chicken which I was happy with. 
The place has special dishes depending on the day of the week – I’m still trying to find a day to try their Penang Assam Laksa which is only available on weekends. Hope that day comes soon! haha.
Tak Chee House
1/364 William St,
(08) 9328 9445
Closed Monday

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