[CC bakes]: chocolate time!

 Chocolate cupcakes…really should try style my photos better…and maybe decorate my cupcakes…!?!

Baked these a couple of weeks ago because (1) I wanted to test the recipe – the no-butter thing intrigued me, and (2) I was craving chocolate. There was once I was craving chocolate cake so much that I baked one to eat…with my family of course! =P This time, it was cupcakes =D

Not quite the same as a rich dark chocolate bar, but the recipe yielded cupcakes that were really nice and moist and it definitely curbed my cravings…for now =P I hid one malteser in a couple of them, which was a nice surprise when you bit into it ^^

The puff pastry ‘flower’ on the side was leftover frozen puff pastry I used to make egg tarts and puff pastry ‘fingers’ for my mum.

How do you satisfy your food cravings? ^^


3 thoughts on “[CC bakes]: chocolate time!

  1. Thanks for your comment! They were nice AND easy to make =P Egg tarts…hmm..I used this one but used puff pastry instead because I didn't have time to make pastry.



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