[CC cooks]: Dumplings

Given my love of dumplings and my blog name, I thought there should be at least one post about the actual bite-sized pieces of yummility…don’t you think so?

Anyway, in my family we have a tradition where we eat dumplings, or jiao zi, whenever we are boarding a plane to somewhere. It just so happens that the month of July and beginning of August was when most of my family decided to fly off somewhere…so, we had dumplings quite often – I was a dumpling-making machine!!! =D

Usually when we make dumplings, it’s my nan and I making them. It’s a lot quicker this way because she rolls the skin while I fold them into their cute little parcel shapes =) But the past few times, I’ve had to do everything so it takes a lot longer, but somehow it’s relaxing and therapeutic. I knead the dough, roll, roll, roll, roll, fold, fold, fold, roll, roll,…, and so on until I’m finished.

Anyway the photos are from the most recent batch for when my Mum was leaving for Melbourne – pork mince, prawn, Chinese cabbage, and chives.

This is the meat filling without chives for my brother since he doesn’t eat them (forgot to take a photo of the one with chives…oops!)
We usually make dumplings in 3 – 4 batches, depending on who’s eating them. My younger brother doesn’t like prawns, so we make his ones first with no prawns in the mix. Then we add prawns, and make my older brother’s since he doesn’t like chives. Then add chives in the filling and make another batch. Only my Dad, nan and I eat coriander so after making the chives ones, we add some coriander in the remaining chives filling and make the third batch. But since my Dad and nan weren’t here, and I was making these myself, I just omitted the coriander for me. 
Boil, boil, boil! Cooking the dumplings…in our awesome wok! Seriously, I love this wok! I’ve already told Mum and Dad I’m taking it when I move out…whenever that is =P
Cooked and ready to eat! I LOVE piping hot dumplings!
 Aaaaaand…close up! =D YUM!!
This was for 3 people which was quite a lot for us so we had quite a bit left over…plus my brother couldn’t finish his (granted, I ended up making about 50 for him alone)
So what to do with the leftovers? 
Fried dumplings…with some vinegar to cut through the oiliness…
Fry them of course! You can’t re-boil cooked dumplings otherwise the skin will just fall to bits, so we usually eat leftover dumplings by frying them. 
I find minute differences between the look of my nan’s, my dad’s and my dumplings, really interesting. I follow my nan’s technique because when I was young, I just couldn’t master Dad’s so his one look quite different (no photos of his though, sorry!). Although I follow my nan’s technique, mine still look different to her’s! I have an extra crease in mine, most probably because of my hand size and the way I hold my dumpling…like I said, it’s quite interesting. Another thing is, I tend to roll my dumpling skin a lot thinner than my dad which is really noticeable when they’re cooked. 
So these are the dumplings that I can literally eat for days, weeks, months without getting sick of them =) Don’t they look yummy? 
I feel like eating them now…haha. 
Til next time..

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