[Eating out]: Seizan – CBD

Wow…this post is really late. Not only in terms of the delay between the actual event and the post, but also the delay between my previous post and this one! ><! I really should update more often, but work and study got in the way this week…

Anyway, now for the food!

In my last post, I told you about the immensely looooooong process I went through to organise dinner with some friends (yes, I STILL don’t have facebook). In the end, it was all a success and we went to Seizan Japanese Restaurant & Karaoke Bar for a night of food, fun and laughter…

 Lots to choose from!

I’ve been meaning to try Seizan but I was put off by all the mixed reviews I got – some said it was really good, but some said it was really bad. So I thought this would be a good opportunity to taste a few of their dishes since we’re in a group =)

There’s quite a range of main dishes, some a different but other than that, it’s the standard Japanese fare seen in Perth – sushi, sashimi, katsu, unagi, etc…

For a group of 6, we ordered these to share…

Assorted sashimi – main
Matsu sushi moriawase
Seizan maki
Gyuu tataki
Tako sumiso
Nama jyake gomashiyou ae

Stupidly, I forgot to take photos of the dishes =.=’ partly because…we were busy talking, we were hungry, aaaand…I just completely forgot ><! So there are no photos, apart from what I've found from the Seizan website.

Matsu sushi moriawase
The sushi and sashimi were alright…not the best I’ve had because the fish seemed to lack freshness. The salmon was good but I didn’t think the tuna and hamachi were fresh enough. The sushi rice was a little bland in flavour but I like how it wasn’t tightly packed like other commercial nigiri sushi. The sashimi was alright – it came in THICK slices (don’t you just love sashimi in thick slices?) but like I said before, the tuna and hamachi were lacking. 
 Seizan maki…salmon, avocado, cucumber, fish roe (we got egg too, though it doesn’t state it on the menu)
The seizan maki was a bit bland…perhaps due to the rice, but other than that, it was standard fare. 
Gyuu tataki
I was actually quite disappointed with the gyuu tataki. The slices were nothing like what is pictured – what came was 6-8 measly thin and narrow strips of beef and it wasn’t quite beefy enough for me. I would rather go back to Zen, Ha-Lu or Matsuri for this dish. 
Unfortunately I don’t have photos for tako sumiso and nama jyake gomashiyou ae, but they’re like entree-sized tako (octopus) and salmon ‘salads’, respectively. They were quite disappointing – the tako was sliced so thinly, it was difficult to enjoy the chewiness of tako. For both dishes, the dressings were too overpowering so you couldn’t actually taste the freshness of the seafood themselves. 
My favourite of the evening has got to be the sukiyaki…it’s to serve 2 people but if you order other entrees and sushi, it could easily feed 4 people I think. It came with chinese cabbage, onion, carrots, tofu, and thinly sliced beef and in a clear beef broth. There was also another plate filled with these ingredients for you to add as you go. They also gave you a raw egg to dip the meat in before you eat it (the heat from the meat will cook the thin layer of egg coating it before you eat it). This was a really good dish to order for a group of people, and even better on that night since it was rainy and windy outside. I have had better sukiyaki elsewhere, but this one is not bad and it’s REALLY filling!!! 
Sukiyaki (for 2)

I like the decor and ambience of Seizan – it was actually pretty busy that night but it was too loud either which was nice since that meant we didn’t have to talk extra loudly to hear each other. We were seated in the private function room which has its own doors, but we didn’t need to close them since we only had 6 people and we didn’t make THAT much noise…at least I didn’t think we did =P

We sat in the group function/’private’ room…massively long table. (in case you can’t see from the photo, there’s a whole under the table so you’re still in sitting position and not on your knees)
Rest of the restaurant…all the waitresses wear pink yukata..SO CUTE! I love it. 
They also have a teppanyaki bar but I haven’t tried it before. And another thing, they take quite long to bring the food out – not sure if that’s because there were only 2 waitresses to cater for all the tables!?! 
So, will I go back? most probably not. I almost always order sashimi when I go out for Japanese food, and this one just didn’t cut it for me. 
Should YOU go? Hmm, if you don’t each much of the sushi or sashimi, there’s a lot of main dishes to choose from that sound quite nice so you could give it a try. But if you’re like me, and sashimi holds a special place in your heart then no, I wouldn’t recommend it. 
Seizan Japanese Restaurant and Karaoke Bar
566 Hay St, 
(08) 9325 5980
Open every night for dinner; Mon-Fri for lunch.
Hope you found this post useful/interesting! =) Til next time!

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