[Eating out]: Jewel in the palace – Northbridge

In my current state of procrastination, I decided to take yet another day off from serious study on Sunday. I figured my attempts to do productive work would be in vain so why not get out of the house + get some fresh air, instead of sitting around on my bum all day? (yes, I’m justifying my procrastination).

Headed to my favourite Korean place – Dae Jang Geum! I’ve been to quite a few Korean restaurants but DJG really is top-notch, and when you see native Korean people dining there, you know you’ve gone to the right place.

Menu at DJG (written in Chinese letters). Silver circular thing on the table is the cover for charcoal BBQ when it’s not in use.

DJG changed their menu and now offer a lot more different dishes and the wide variety makes the place even better. They’ve added new items to the menus for charcoal BBQ (samgyupseol anyone?), soups for one, soups/steamboats for two, entrees, noodles and rice dishes, and ddeokbokki/rice cakes (Not a lot of Korean restaurants here offer ddeokbokki and DJG makes it really well).

It’s always hard to decide what to order at DJG because there’s just so much yummy food there and you just want to eat everything (or am I the only one who has this problem?). But since I was there with my boyfriend, we ordered the Crab Stew for 2 since it’s his favourite (AND it’s spicy + super-yummy). Odd choice for lunch since we usually have it for dinner, but it was just as nice.

 Crab stew – comes on own individual gas burner to keep it simmering and hot. Looks good, eh?

The crab stew comes on its own burner and is packed with a whole lot of blue swimmer crab (albeit of smaller size), 4 large prawns, 4 green mussels, onion and bean sprout in a spicy soup/stew. It’s made to order so it’s fresh and piping hot and you can taste the sweetness of the crab in the soup. If you’re lucky, the crabs even have eggs – hello, cholesterol! =P

The main tasty morsel in the stew – mussel, crab, prawn. 

You also get 2 bowls of rice and 3 banchan (or side dishes). Yesterday, we got kimchi, bean sprouts and potato. They sometimes have agar jelly which is nice as well.

Assorted banchan (L-R) – kimchi, bean sprouts, sweet soy potatoes

Ok, I can’t take it anymore. I just have to obsess about the kimchi at this place. It is absolutely delicious!! The best in Perth. The flavours are balanced perfectly – sometimes you get kimchi that is just too spicy that you can’t taste the sweetness and slight tartness of the chinese cabbage anymore. Not only is it yum, they don’t skimp on portion size. They sell it by the box (it was $10 last time, not sure if it’s changed) so you can make your own kimchi jigae or kimchi fried rice (YUM!)

This is what happened to our crab stew and banchan after our attack.

The remains…

If you’re in Perth, you should check this place out:
 Dae Jang Geum
 74 Francis St,
 (08) 9227 0615

They’re pretty busy on Friday and Saturday nights so best to make a booking or get there early. Oh and they’re closed Monday.

Time for some shopping, and…bubble tea from Utopia (no photo for this, sorry)!. Who can pass up the chance to get bubble tea when you walk right past Utopia? Unless you’re not a fan of it, of course.

Yummy lunch + successful shopping trip with my boyfriend = fantastic day and happy CC. Beats sitting at home all day, making futile attempts to do some serious study. haha.

Til next time, byyyye! ^^


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