[eating out]: Authentic Bites (Northbridge)


After what felt like an incredibly long countdown, it was time for AS’ and I’s “Kickin KTV” outing! This was to celebrate, believe it or not, the end of a job! What better way to do so than to spend the day eating and singing our hearts out?

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[eating out]: Frisch & Barc (South Perth)


Without sounding too repetitive, new eateries pop up much too quickly and whilst I’m excited that Perth’s food scene has had a change in direction, I can’t get to all these places quick enough. Frisch & Barc was one of them, with the chilli crab omelette and french toast being the staple favourite.

AS had seen lines outside the place often when she drove past on the way to work, and whilst it never really piqued my interest, I was happy to check it out with her.

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[Thankful Thursday]


Hummus. Ok, so it’s not really that I’m thankful for hummus per se, but more that it was when CT and I finally managed to catch up over a delicious meal of hummus and other small eats. It’s been too long since our (as she puts it) “food dates”, and the night certainly passed by in a flash as we were busy chatting and laughing our way away. Sometimes I wonder what I’d do without certain people in my life, and CT is definitely one of those people!  Read More »

[Thankful Thursday]


There is only 3 weeks until Christmas! How can that be? Where has 2016 gone, my friends? This week has been particularly busy and stressful, more so that I’d care to welcome. After an entire year, I wonder if I’m feeling a bit burnt out by the flurry of activity that’s happened this year!

With busy-ness, comes difficulty to really sit down and reflect, but there are nevertheless, things to be thankful for.

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[eating out]: Chicho Gelato (Northbridge)


I’ve always felt Perth is lacking in the gelato and dessert department. There are now quite a few popping up (e.g., Whisk, Gusto Gelato, Bites by D, Chu Bakery, etc). Gelato, for me, is a bit of a hit and miss. I’m the type of person who loves frozen hard ice-cream (Baskin Robbins is a childhood fav of mine), so when gelato is the really soft type, it isn’t the most enjoyable or satisfying thing for me.

Chicho Gelato, however, is a different story.

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