[Thankful Thursday]


I’ve decided to start a (what i hope to be) weekly feature called Thankful Thursday. Each week, I hope to find 4 things I am thankful for…be it just simple or extravagant.

It is too often that we go about life without expressing gratitude to people, or even to God for all he has provided. I find that finding a few things about the day/week that I am thankful for really lifts my mood and enjoyment of life and situations. Yes, sometimes it’s hard to find something when I’m in the worst of moods, but is there really NOTHING to be thankful for?

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[eating out]: Restaurant Orana (Adelaide)


Earthy. To me, that is what Orana encompasses.

After 6-7 weeks of hard work during my final placement, I wanted to treat myself to something. Naturally, it would be food-based. Enter Restaurant Orana. I had heard of this place way before I came to Adelaide, and after doing a bit more research it was quickly locked in as my celebratory degustation dinner. The use of native Australian ingredients really spoke out to me as I love this movement in food culture, and I knew I would be regretting it if I didn’t go!

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[eating out] Hardware Story & Eatery (Scarborough)


Hello from Adelaide!! Those who follow me on instagram (@cscc28; the few who do! haha) will know I’m in Adelaide for a few weeks! What to do on a Sunday night when I’m bored of report-writing? Blog, of course =P

The Hardware Store and Eatery was on my go-to list for quite a while! While it’s not incredibly far, I don’t often have the time to head out for brunch/lunch so it was great to have a nice casual lunch with my parents and bro!

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[eating out]: Taste of Perth 2016


This year, I was lucky enough to get two free entry tickets to the Taste of Perth festival. The tickets didn’t include crowns, but I was happy enough anyway! Another foodie adventure for GC and I =)

For days before the first session, I was checking the website relentlessly to see the menu card so GC and I could plan what we wanted to eat, and how many crowns to add first.

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